5-Day Preview of NEW Mixed Media Prompts coming to Watch.Learn.Play.

Join me as I walk us through the process of focusing on composition and design in Mixed Media Abstract art for 5 consecutive days.

We will look at 9 essential questions that will help us improve and make stronger designs.

You will have extended access to these lessons for 30 days after the final lesson drops.

Included in this Preview Session

  1. Five days of lessons in the "bite-sized" format of 15-ish minutes.
  2. Use what you have. Basic Mixed Media Supply list provided.
  3. Two live Q & A sessions to chat about supplies and techniques (will be recorded) Monday & Sunday
  4. Printable Digital Download of brand new prompt cards released on day 5.

Andrea shares what to expect over the 5 days

The 5 Daily Lessons Will:

  • Take you through the process of creating these "mother" sheets.

  • You will divide them into quarters and work on individual composition

  • and answer the 9 essential questions to improve your design.

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